Getting Started
What does Ensis do exactly?

Ensis is AI-powered software designed for public sector teams to respond to public RFPs, RFIs, and more! Ensis ingests your current opportunity, trains itself on prior company materials, outlines detailed requirements, and generates review ready responses within minutes. 

Who is Ensis for?

Ensis is specifically designed for security-conscious public sector teams who respond to a large volumes of government solicitations.

Do Ensis provide training and onboarding for new clients?

Yes, we offer an initial onboarding session and helpful user guides videos to get you up to speed ASAP.

How does Ensis pricing work?

Ensis pricing is based on the size and complexity of opportunities your company responds to. See more info on our pricing page.

How are you different from ChatGPT or other GenAI solutions?

Ensis is purpose built to maximize efficiency for proposal workflows. Our privacy and security standards are also top tier to meet the demands of the most highly regulated sectors.

I’m interested, how do I learn more?

Fill out the form below or reach out to info@ensis.ai and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day to schedule a demo.

How it Works
Which LLM does Ensis use?

Ensis is flexible and LLM agnostic to stay on the forefront of AI capabilities. We’re currently integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4 for most of our client models.

How does Ensis come up with responses?

During onboarding, your company will upload a library of resources including prior RFPs to fine tune Ensis using your data and unique voice. When you ask Ensis to generate a response, it uses retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to pull relevant and accurate information from your resource library. 

Are answers provided in Ensis accurate and complete?

Answer quality will be largely dependent on the quality of your resource library and the question being asked. In most circumstances, we’ll be able to answer completely. However, if Ensis lacks the relevant context and reference info from prior proposals, it might not be able to answer. We are constantly improving Ensis to get as close to 100% completeness and accuracy as possible.

How do the answers stay up to date?

We recommend updating your resource library with your most recent company information and ~5-10 bids every quarter. This will keep Ensis up to date and capable of pulling the most relevant context for responses.

How does exporting work?

Once you're happy with your proposal, you can export all sections, requirements, and responses to a Word document. We can also develop custom exports for your company for an additional fee.

Can I collaborate with colleagues and outside companies?

Absolutely, Ensis does not charge per user, so you can share and work on your proposals with as many collaborators as needed.

Privacy and Security
How do you handle sensitive client data and information?

Client data privacy and security is of utmost importance at Ensis. We are compliant with all industry leading policies, but allow for stronger requirements as needed. All of your data is considered private and sensitive:We do not sell data to third parties. Data is logically separated, segregated, and siloed. Data is stored using encryption at rest. We conduct strict vendor auditing & access reviews.

How do I know my competitors won’t end up with the same proposal if we both use Ensis?

Ensis generates responses using your private resource library within a siloed environment for each client. Ensis outputs are based on your curated resource library, so responses differ significantly from other Ensis users. 

What certifications does Ensis have?

We are actively pursuing SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA certifications. If there are additional certifications your company requires, please let us know.

What if I have more questions?

The Ensis team is available to address any security and/or privacy concerns, including our executive team and CTO. We are able to complete security questionnaires and attend meetings upon request.